Site Traffic for 2017…

Every great once in a while I dig through the logs of our visitors to Here is the rundown for last year:

Visitors: 18,000 unique visitors
Traffic: We average about 135 user sessions per day: the week before GenCon sees a spike of 4-5x normal traffic. 🙂
0-Level Characters Created in 2017: ~4.3 million

1. 0-Level Party Generator (30% of all traffic)
2. Upper Level Generator (16%)
3. Sorcerer’s Grimoire (11%: over 17,000 spellbooks created)
4. Sword Generator (3.5%)
5. Mutant Crawl Classic Generator (3%)
6. Crawler Download Page (3%)
7. Mercurial Magic Generator (2.5%)
8. Demon Generator (2.3%)
9. Dragon Generator (2.2%)
10. Unique Monster Generator (2%)

1. U.S.: 72%
2. Canada: 5.3%
3. United Kingdom: 4.3%
4. Brazil: 3.5%
5. Spain: 1.7%
6. Australia: 1.7%
7. Germany: 1.6%
8. France: 1%
9. Sweden: .9%
10. Norway: .6%

1. California (10%)
2. Texas (9%)
3. Washington (7%)
4. Illinois (5.5%)
5. New York (5%)
6. Pennsylvania (4%)
7. Ohio (4%)
8. Michigan (3.5%)
9. Florida (3.5%)
10. Georgia (3.3%)

1. New York
2. Chicago
3. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose
4. Seattle/Tacoma
5. Dallas/Ft. Worth
6. Washington DC
7. Los Angeles
8. Portland
9. Boston
10. Atlanta
11. Houston
12. Spokane
13. Philadelphia
14. Denver
15. Detroit
16. Kansas City
17. Minneapolis/St. Paul
18. Birmingham
19. Pittsburgh
20. Austin
And as far as I can tell, we had one visit in 2017 from South Dakota. 🙂

1. Purple Sorcerer Blog
2. Google
3. Reddit
4. Facebook
5. Google Plus
6. Goodman Games
7. Old Guy Gaming
8. Smursh
9. Roll20
10. Role Playing Public Radio

1. Chrome: 63%
2. Safari: 19%
3. Firefox: 10%
4. Edge 2.4%
5. IE: 2.2%
6. Opera: 1%

1. Windows: 51%
2. Android: 17%
3. IOS: 16%
4. Mac: 13%
5. Linux: 2%
Desktop vs Mobile: 1/3 of our traffic is now mobile.

I’m thrilled folks continue to find the tools useful. Thanks to everyone who supports Purple Sorcerer Games!

Here is a graph of traffic throughout 2017. See if you can spot the run-up to GenCon!

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New Year, New Game Sale at RPGNow!

All our titles are 25% off through January 22 at RPGNow. Now is a great time to jump into DCC, or fill out your collection if you’re an old hand. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Shop Purple Sorcerer Games.

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More New Patrons

I know things have been very quiet of late. Health issues, as usual. 🙂

On the positive side, I have managed to continue adding new patrons to the Sorcerer’s Grimoire. In recent weeks Dagon, Enzazza, the Four Maidens of Tylin, Hecate, and Hhaaash-Lusss from Angles, Demons, and Beings Between have been integrated into the generator. More to come, hopefully with new information about upcoming adventures and tools!

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New Patrons for the Sorcerer’s Grimoire

As part of the Angels, Daemons, and Being Between: Volume 2 Kickstarter, once the sourcebook is published I’ll be working to add the new patrons to the Sorcerer’s Grimoire.

In the meantime, I’m working with the boys to get the patrons from the original ADBB book added. Joshua Rodman and I did quite a bit of work prepping some of these back in 2015, but that was before the rights situation was clear, etc., so they were never added. Now that the permission issue is cleared up, I’ll be slowly adding them to the site, continuing on with the new patrons once Volume 2 is released! Dagon and Enzazza from volume 1 are the first new patrons added, and are available now. 🙂

All in all, we will eventually add almost 35 additional patrons! This will obviously take a while, depending on health, etc., but I’m excited to help make these available to the community.

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Halloween Sale at RPNow!

In the mood for a little horror?

Both Escape from the Shrouded Fen and The Carnival of the Damned are 31% off through Halloween.

Check it out!

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A New DCC Kickstarter

One of the things that sets DCC apart is all the campaign goodness that Patron interaction can bring. Creating patrons involves an often intimidating amount of work however, so the more options we have as judges and players, the better.

David and James from Shinobi 27 Games have already put tons of work into the Angels, Daemons and Beings Between, Volume II: Elfland Edition Kickstarter, and I think the book sounds great. There is even a stretch goal where I’ll pitch in to work with the guys to add these and other ADBB Patrons to the Sorcerer’s Grimoire!

Check it out!

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September Settings Sale at RPGNow!

Well this one snuck up on us: RPGNow is running a massive 33% off September Settings Sale, and all Purple Sorcerer titles are included! (Along with fantastic stuff from many other DCC publishers).

So it would seem to be a great time to fill out your library!

(And, as always, thanks to everyone who continues to support us and other DCC publishers: It’s still a thrill (and a source of amazement) when I see our titles show up on the top sellers lists. Gets me fired up to get going on our upcoming titles!).

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