Some Great Battle Maps for Nebin Pendlebrook

Frank Turfler has been creating some fantastic tactical maps for Nebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous Pantry. Check them out at his Patreon site: he’s doing some great work!

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Free Tools Pledge Drive Rewards

The response to this years Free Tools Pledge Drive was extraordinary, and I wish there were enough special prizes to go to everyone. (Though I could hardly ask for more generosity from those who provided these incredible rewards!) 

So without further ado, here are this year’s winners:

Magical Wonders
The Hintsy Maps of Giggles DeathHammer – Terry Olsen

The Core Maps of Strohdor the Revealer – Jim Cox

Manly Michael’s Guide to All Things Haunted – Julian Bernick

Snake’s Library of Amphibian Wonders – Jeffery Tollotson

Tatterdamalian’s Tattered Tracings – Val Emerson

Gentleman Jim’s Mutant Manuscript – Dustin Manning

The DCC Care Packages of Woe #1 – Hector Cruz

The DCC Care Packages of Woe #2 – Keith Nelson

Canadian Wonders

The Raven’s Reliquary: Part 1 – Mark Kroening

The Raven’s Reliquary: Part 2 – Marzio Muscedere

Random Treasures 

Black on Black Crawl #1 – Bob Brinkman

Crawling Under a Broken Moon Complete PDF Set – Marc Bruner, Craig Stokes

Complete Crawl Print Library – Paul Gyugyi

Goodman Games Program Guide – Beckett Warren

Signed Print Copy of Crawl #2 – Patrick Ludwig, Benjamin Marra, Paul Kensler, Paul Morell, Matthew Ruzicka

CrawlJammer #2 – Eric Nolan

CrawlJammer #3 – Bruce Cunnington

Steel and Fury PDF – David Clarkson

Upcoming Death Slaves of Eternity PDF – Michael Jones

I’ll be contacting winners of physical treasures shortly to confirm addresses before shipping.🙂

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s drive: I’m sure folks are growing tired of hearing it, but I can’t begin to express my thanks for the generosity of this community!

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Living for Crits: Ooze Pits Part 2

Another update from James’ awesome mosey through The Sunken City Omnibus!

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The Free Tools Pledge Drive is Underway!

Hello friends of the Purple Sorcerer!

It’s time for the annual Free Tools Pledge Drive to help offset the server costs and App Store publishing fees for tools like the 0-Level Party Generator and The Crawler’s Companion. Because folks were so generous in 2014, we were able to skip the 2015 drive entirely: I hope to experience the same sort of success this year so the pledge drive can officially become a biennial affair!

It means a great deal to me that folks continue to find value in the free tools, and I’m humbled by the continuing generosity of members of the DCC community. For this year’s drive, a veritable galaxy of DCC luminaries (including Michael Curtis, Harley Stroh, Daniel Bishop, Dak Ultimak, Stephen Newton, and Terry Olsen) have donated some wondrous items to encourage generous donations, including one-of-a-kind hand-drawn pre-production maps (including two from Harley Stroh for an adventure that hasn’t even been published yet!), signed hard copies of adventures, rare zines, and adventure drafts and playtest notes!

You can review the complete list of treaures on the pledge page. There are rewards for all levels of giving, including random prizes and free PDF’s from the Purple Sorcerer library of adventures.

The Pledge Drive runs through midnight next Saturday: as always, thanks to one and all for your kindness and generosity!

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Crawler’s Companion Updates…

At long last, I’m close to posting an updated version of the Crawler’s Companion. As many of you are aware, quite a while back because of security issues I had to disable the features where you could create your encounter and party data online. (Data that could be fed into your copy of the Crawler). I’ve come up with a simplified system that lets you use simple forms that create text files of your encounter and party information that are saved in a community folder on my server. I’ve also prepared encounter data from a number of published adventure that can be easily copied and pasted in the web forms.

If you’re able to sideload Android apps, feel free to download and test the beta version of the app and the updated data features at:

You can preview the online tools at:

And view updated Crawler tutorial videos at:

I’ve lost track of what other updates are in this version, since my health issues have dragged things out so long! But I believe it includes a number of graphical fixes, as well as the addition of mercurial magic to the generators.🙂

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Living 4 Crits

John Walls from the very cool Living 4 Crits blog/podcast has been playing through the Sunken City Omnibus adventures in order, along with excellent write-ups!

It’s so cool to hear from folks enjoying something you’ve created, especially seeing the creative ways they modify things to fit their campaigns.🙂

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Two New Adventures!

 In addition to my own titles currently in the Purple Sorcerer Games queue, (Against the Vortex Temple and Corpse World of the Carrion King, now to be co-authored with Jeff Call), I’m excited to announce that two new adventures have entered the pipeline:

The Frost Fang Expedition

A 1st level Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventure

Hearken well ye fans of Nebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous Pantry: Mark Bishop’s 2nd adventure is in on the way! Featuring Mark’s trademark blend of plucky villagers facing impossible odds, The Frost Fang Expedition challenges PCs to reach the top of a frozen and treacherous peak on a mission of discovery: why have huge chunks of a floating castle inhabited by the local mysterious sorcerer begun raining down on the once quiet village of Bitterwind? The quest for answers will uncover hidden motives, fearsome foes, and deadly environments galore!
Editing is now underway. The adventure will likely see a June-July release.

Escape from the Shrouded Fen

A combo adventure featuring a funnel followed by sandbox-style first level play.

I’m doubly pleased to announce that an author new to the Purple Sorcerer’s tower has stumbled through the gates: Terry Olson! (Author of the Goodman Games titles The Rock Awakens, Tomb of the Immortal Kahl, and Elzemon and the Blood-Drinking Box).

What happens when a demon dies? In the Shrouded Fen, oozing, scalding deathblood saturates the place with Chaos, cursing it forevermore! Now every seventeen years, when the blood moon rises a fog beast beckons all to enter; but those that answer the call never return! Now you have been chosen. Seeking ancient ruins, you plunge deep into the mist-laden swamp, encountering corpses impaled on corrupted plants, man-eating birds, and specters of past victims roaming the blood-cursed land. A floating portal of bubbling tar might lead to safety, but defies entry. Perhaps the bog’s hidden artifacts can provide the key? Only by solving the riddles of the swamp can you hope to escape from the Shrouded Fen!

Terry will be playtesting the adventure through the summer and early fall. We’re likely looking at a release near the end of 2016.


Both adventures should be tremendously fun, and I’m thrilled we’re adding them to the Purple Sorcerer lineup. Look for additional updates as the adventures progress.

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