Living4Crits Talks about the Sunken City

James from Living4Crits has always been a big fan, and supporter, of the Sunken City Omnibus. The book provided the backbone of his first extended DCC campaign, and in this video he goes over each of the adventures, and talks about highlights from his time running them.

I love how he took the adventures and made them his own. I think you’ll enjoy the video, and I hope it inspires you to check out the rest of James’ content: his (and his family’s) enthusiasm is infectious. (In a good way). 🙂

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GM’s Day Sale at DriveThruRPG

I just noticed the rather impressive GM’s Day Sale is active at DriveThruRPG… you can pick up all our titles at 40% off, which is the best deal of the year! A great time to fill out your collection of Purple Sorcerer titles. 🙂

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Hey Everybody!

On a general Purple Sorcerer note, once I have everything completed and delivered for our most recent Kickstarter, I will be stepping away from active development of our tools and adventures for a spell. I’m bummed, because I have three additional adventures – and a sourcebook – that are in various stages of development, and of course, there are always many things percolating on the tools front, including the HTML version of the Crawler.

But recent challenges have forced me to re-evaluate things.

In the run-up to Christmas, I was in the room with my Dad at his lung doctor when he got the news it was time to put his affairs in order, since the next cold he picks up will likely signal the end. With luck, six months is about all Pop can expect.  

My sister provides the primary care for him and my Mom, but Kristi and I do what we can to ease the load, and this news has knocked me off balance in ways I didn’t expect. He’s been ill for a while, and there is an element of peace in knowing we don’t need to gently press him to get out to see his pals at the donut place, etc.,  that now we just need to make him comfortable… but emotionally I’m having a difficult time processing that my always-powerful, can-do Dad will soon leave us.  

Additionally, my normal health challenges have nose-dived. As part of my physical therapy, I do water aerobics to help keep the nerve disorder I experience at bay. So paradoxically, I’m in the best shape and strongest I have been in 25 years, but the pain has returned in often near-crippling intensity. Over the last couple years I could expect a day or two each week where I would be largely out of action, but I would make up for it with 10-14 hour work days when things were good. Over recent months, good days have been few and far between.  

The combination of these physical and other challenges have produced something approaching a block in terms of my ability to work to my normal standards, and for some stretches I’ve been unable to produce anything at all. The stress of deadlines and expectations seem to exacerbate things on both fronts, so my work for the foreseeable future will be quiet, and behind the scenes. I do love everything about producing our adventures and tools, and hopefully I will be back in the game sooner than later. But for now, I need to step back.

Of course, as always, if anyone in the community needs free adventure codes as prizes for the array of awesomely worthy projects you all seem to come up with, my ears are always open. (As well as listening for heads-ups concerning issues with our tools). I’m still here and will be checking in, but my public participation will be quiet while we try to get a handle on these physical and other challenges.  

Thanks to everyone for your continuing support and patience, patience, patience.


Purple Sorcerer Games

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Christmas in July Sale!

All Purple Sorcerer Games adventures are 25% at DriveThruRPG. 🙂

Complete your collection today!

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2019 Free Tools Pledge Drive Prize Winners!

As usual, I’ve been floored by the support of the DCC community for the free tools! I’ve just spent the last three hours sending out download codes for free adventures. If you haven’t received yours (and they’re not in your spam folder), just contact me (and include your DriveThruRPG email address!)

I wish everyone could win a special prize, but saying that, I’m thrilled by the amazing variety of cool stuff the community provided for this year’s drive. If you’re a winner, I’ll send your email address to the person providing the prize if there is some sort of coordination (like getting your address) required.

Without further ado, here are the prizes for the 2019 Free Tools Pledge Drive!

Special Treasure Winners

First off, both Hector Cruz and Matt Couch went above and beyond in supporting the drive this year, contributing the same amazing amount. Of course, they both had their eye on the DCC Table Flag built by Keith Nelson. Keith has stepped up and will be creating a 2nd flag, so that both Hector and Matt will receive both a DCC flag, and a Dark Trails flag! All three of you are amazing, and went a long way in making this year’s drive such a success!

  • Signed Copy of Check this Artifact provided by Jim Wampler: Bruce Cunnington
  • £50 Credit to Bruce Cunnington’s Etsy Shop: Keith Nelson
  • MCC Journal donated by Keith Nelson: Richard Ohnemus
  • Original Art donated by Keith Nelson: Allen White
  • Lankhmar Box Set provided by Goodman Games: Tom Shulruff
  • Signed 1st copy of Sunken City Omnibus v2: Marc Plourde
  • Sanjulian DCC Rulebook provided by Goodman Games: Jim Kitchen
  • Signed Star Crawl & Vehicle Mayhem provided by Jonathan Snodgrass: David Bendit
  • Signed original production maps provided by Terry Olson: Isaac Eccles
  • The Horde of Special Treasure Purple Ticket Winners: Joan K Troyer, Wayne Petersen, Kevin Heuer, Todd Bradley, Jim Cox, Stephen Murrish, David York, Clea Bennett, Larry Haught

Random Prize Winners

  • Purple Ticket Winner: Donald Kalinich
  • The entire lineup of Purple Sorcerer adventures: Pete Doroshenko, Joshua Macy, Gabriel Meister
  • Print copies of Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion provided by Donn Stroud: Steven Simmons, Gabriel Whitehead, Jeff Jeppesen, Jonathan Perkel
  • Nebin Pendlebrook Battlemaps PDF’s provided by Frank Turfler: David Aughinbaugh, Steven Kleinknecht, Mirko Froehlich, Edward Stanek, Fatfish Comics
  • Print copies of Working Class Alphabet & Night Soil #1 provided by Jon Wilson: Justin Carson, Paul Kensler, Zachary Hall
  • Print copies of Night Soil #0 & The Bailiff provided by Jon Wilson: Ken Mclennan, Cameron Bradford, Tom Colley
  • Print copies of Night Soil #1 & The Bailiff provided by Jon Wilson: Jon Hammersley, Marlene Whitmer
  • PDF copies of The Star Wound of Abaddon provided by Marzio Muscedere: Alexandria Emmer, Lucas ‘Fuzzbang’ Kuntz, Steve Hartmann
  • PDF of Attack of the Frawgs! provided by Stephen Newton: Cory Welch
  • PDF of Haunting of Larvik Island provided by Stephen Newton: Robert Nemeth
  • PDF of Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman provided by Stephen Newton: Inner Ham
  • PDF of Children of the Fallen Sun provided by Stephen Newton: Reese Lloyd

Whew! Thanks to everyone who supported this year’s Free Tools Pledge Drive: you truly make it all possible.

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Thank You, One and All!


Thank you. You astonish me with your generosity. Before the Free Tools Pledge Drive started, I thought we’d see a large drop-off from last year without the benefit of the central Google+ hub, but so many of you shared the drive and spread the word that in the end we got within spitting distance of last year’s record haul: 123 backers raised over $4200, making this the 2nd most successful drive yet!

This means that EVERYTHING in terms of server fees and other tools expenses have been paid for for the year, I have a lovely new iPhone to test on that should last for years, I’ll be purchasing a new iPad shortly to aid in both testing and development, I have funds to pick up some nice extras, and put in the ‘rainy day emergency fund’… and my boy and I will be coming to GenCon in 2020!

What a thrill: to know that you find value in the tools, and are willing to put your passion for them into action! And that I’ll be able to finally meet many of you in person. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to those who provided fantastic prizes. Thank you to those who gave so generously. Thank you to those who lacked resources, but still shared the word. You all rock!


(If you missed the drive, you can still join in the fun until tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon: I’ll start tabulating and cross-referencing all the info from the drive early Monday, and follow up emails and codes should start going out Monday and/or Tuesday).

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Final Day of the Free Tools Pledge Drive!

OK friends, we’re down to the last day of the Free Tools Pledge Drive! We’ve had fantastic support from the community, and we’re looking in this last day to ‘fill in the gaps’ and provide some flexibility in the purchase of the next iPad, beef up the main server, and do a variety of other small helpful things, and see if we can match the total from last year. Thanks to everyone who has supported the drive!

Keith Nelson has been incredibly generous in expanding the special treasures pool: including the final treasure just added this evening: an awesome takedown DCC table flag! If you’re running DCC at a con, I don’t think you can do much better to announce your intentions than this flag. 🙂

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