PSG Bundle of Holding

With the amazing surge of interest in DCC due to the recent strangeness, the folks from Bundle of Holding have reached out and I’ve agreed to make our Purple Sorcerer adventures available to new players at the lowest price possible: $10 for everything! That’s 10 adventures spread across the Sunken City Omnibus, the Sullenlands Omnibus, The Carnival of the Damned, and Escape from the Shrouded Fen!

This is a one time thing, and will last for 7 days: so if you’re interested don’t wait. 🙂

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First Round of Codes….

The first round of adventure codes have gone out to those who backed this year’s Free Tools Pledge Drive! (Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see your email as most messages from DriveThruRPG seem to end up there…)

If you received multiple emails, I apologize, the form on their site was acting a bit strange…

I’ve also sent a followup email to those who are eligible to receive an adventure but didn’t complete the form on the pledge page. Just fill it out to let me know what individual adventure you’d like, and I’ll send the code along!

I’m in the process of sending out emails to those in the running for special prizes, and when I have that all squared away I’ll determine the random prizes and announce the winners. (This will likely take a few more days).

I truly appreciate everyone’s patience in getting the codes: I’m glad to be finally begin feeling human again. 🙂


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Free Tools Stuff…

Sorry everyone about the delays getting all the Free Tools Pledge Drive adventure codes and prize question are emails out: I’ve unfortunately been down ill for the last 3 days. My dear wife Kristi has got the database of donors all set up, so hopefully I’ll get everything out tomorrow!

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Thank You Again!

We’re back from my Mom’s memorial. I’m so glad I felt good enough to go as my entire family was there, and the feeling was incredibly special gathering to honor such an amazing loving woman.

On the downside, by driving eight hours each way I’ve pushed my body a bit beyond regular specs, and tomorrow will likely be a recovery day. If that’s the case, I’ll be doing all the tallying for the pledge drive on Friday: the adventure codes should go out immediately, along with emails to the top donors: the announcement of the winners will go up as soon as I have all the responses, which usually takes 2-3 days.

Attached is a pic of the upgraded system and iPad that you all made possible: I am set for years now… thank you!

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Thank You!

As usual, at the end of the Free Tools Pledge Drive I’m left stunned by the generosity of the DCC community in both providing prizes and donating to the cause. We’ve raised almost $6000! All server and development fees have been covered, I’ve replaced my aging iPad Pro (an essential element of my development process), and I’ve upgraded my Mac to a model that should serve faithfully for many years to come. New devices have been purchased to add to the ‘testing pool’, and we’ve ended up with a little cushion left over to meet needs for the coming year. Thank you one and all: you are amazing.

Normally (after waiting for a few late pledges to drift in Sunday morning), I work immediately to get all the adventure codes and prize questionnaires out on Monday and Tuesday. But this year things will be delayed a few days. My family is leaving Monday morning to drive down to the tiny town in Idaho where my Mom as a child spent many summer days at family gatherings, and where we’ll at last be gathering for her memorial and burial next to her mother, father, and sisters. I’ll likely have some free hours to work on things during the trip, but I’m guessing it will be Thursday, after I return home, before I can really get going on the tasks. Thank you for your patience.

Again, I can’t really express how deeply I appreciate everyone’s kindness and support of the free tools. You make it all possible!

  • Note A: I had hoped to get the MCC Upper Level Generator ready to go live during the drive, but a few tricky design decisions will delay things for a week or so… but it’s coming, and will definitely be ready for everyone’s Gen Con prep!
  • Note B: The ‘small upgrade’ ideas have been fantastic. I hope to knock off quite a few in the coming year.
  • Note C: Yes, I think we will go over 30,000,000(!) peasants generated around this year’s Gen Con, every one of them setting out with nothing more than a pointy stick and dream, just like many of us. The first Free Tools Pledge Drive raised $375, for which I was eternally grateful. Look at us now. 🙂 Take care everyone!

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The Free Tools Pledge Drive is Underway!

The tools are free, and will always be free. But there are a number of expenses associated with creating, maintaining, testing, publishing, and hosting the free tools, including server costs, development fees, the need for new hardware, mobile devices for testing, and various software expenses.

These would be challenging for me to cover, but the incredible generosity that the DCC community demonstrates during our annual drives continues to meet all these needs, and more!

2022 Free Tools Pledge Drive

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Mutant Crawl Classics Generator

It’s been a time of strange dichotomies: Ben has been in Indonesia experiencing amazing things, but at home in the last few months we’ve lost my beloved mother and both of my wife Kristi’s parents. At a certain point you just get a bit numb.

But the work continues: Layout is underway for both Dread Specters of the Shrieking Vale and the Field Guide to the Great Jungle, and Peter Mullen is working on the special cover for the Field Guide.

This year’s Free Tools Pledge Drive (where we raise funds to offset hosting and hardware expenses for the tools) is fast approaching, tentatively scheduled for July 11-16. If you would like to participate by providing a prize, just let me know and I’ll get it added to the list: thanks so much!

I want to have something fun going on tools-wise to coincide with this year’s drive, so at last I’ve started serious work on the Mutant Crawl Classics Upper Level Character Generator. I’m hoping to have the beta up and going as the drive kicks off. I know many of you are excited for this tool, and it’s fun to finally begin making it happen!

Thanks again to everyone for your support of Purple Sorcerer Games.

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Crawler: More Full Screen Tips

I’ve added the ability to get rid of those pesky navigation bars in the HTML version of the Crawler’s Companion on devices without ‘save to home screen’ functionality like the Kindle Fire.

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Adding the HTML Crawler to your Home Screen

Whipped up a quick video about the advantages of saving the HTML version of the Crawler’s Companion to your home screen.

(Shook off some rust today getting back to work on the battle manager, also fixed a messaging bug where messages were showing up outside your campaign group. Felt good getting a little coding in! 🙂)

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Did You Miss the Kickstarter?

For a brief window, if you missed out on the Dread Specters of the Shrieking Vale Kickstarter, you can still participate…

Find out more here!

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