Crawler: More Full Screen Tips

I’ve added the ability to get rid of those pesky navigation bars in the HTML version of the Crawler’s Companion on devices without ‘save to home screen’ functionality like the Kindle Fire.

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Adding the HTML Crawler to your Home Screen

Whipped up a quick video about the advantages of saving the HTML version of the Crawler’s Companion to your home screen.

(Shook off some rust today getting back to work on the battle manager, also fixed a messaging bug where messages were showing up outside your campaign group. Felt good getting a little coding in! 🙂)

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Did You Miss the Kickstarter?

For a brief window, if you missed out on the Dread Specters of the Shrieking Vale Kickstarter, you can still participate…

Find out more here!

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Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that backed the Dread Specters of the Shrieking Vale Kickstarter: it was a tremendous success! We almost reached the final stretch goal at $10,000, so Benjamin and I are rounding things up and will be adding the jungle-themed spells and magic items to the Field Guide to the Great Jungle. 🙂

Once the dust settles we’ll be sending out surveys about backer rewards, etc., and will be excited to post updates about progress on the project.

Again: thank you one and all: you make these projects possible!

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New Stretch Goal Announced!

The final sprint to the finish is almost upon us! We’re currently working toward adding an additional low level/starting adventure to the Field Guide at $9,000, and we’re pleased to announce that the new stretch goal at $10,000 is a selection of jungle-focused spells and magic items. (The new spells will be added to the Sorcerer’s Grimoire spellbook utility on the Purple Sorcerer site, making it easy for party spellcaster’s to add them to the mix…)

Both should go a long way in helping craft a specific vibe for your campaign as your players explore the Great Jungle!

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Bullet Point Version Goal Falls!

With a really nice burst of pledges, we’ve eclipsed the Bullet Point Version Stretch Goal! Thanks to everyone that has come on board! (And to everyone who has shared word about the campaign as we enter the final 3 days…)

The next Stretch Goal is an additional zero (low) level adventure introducing players to the Great Jungle. As mentioned previously: Ben is excited about writing it and already has a fun idea in development.

We’re bouncing a few ideas back and forth about what goals will follow the new adventure: as we get closer to $9,000 I’ll share what we have in mind: we’re more than happy to come up with fun goals if you make us!

Always fun stuff for the kids to do in Sunggal!
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Matt’s Original Art

Here’s the amazing original from which the paper mini below was extracted: just jaw-dropping stuff!

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Now this is a big bad…

One of the trickier paper-mini nasties to extract from Matt’s jaw-dropping original, but this one’s going to look pretty awesome on the table top!

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We’ve Entered the Final Week of the Campaign!

Thanks to everyone who has backed Dread Specters of the Shrieking Vale so far! For those who haven’t checked it out yet, the MIMIC SHIELD compels you… 🙂

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Stretch Goals Fall… New Goal Announced!

The New Patron and Additional Random Tables stretch goals are in the books! I’m so excited that A Field Guide to the Great Jungle is getting stuffed with new content: it really will be a valuable resource for any judge who need jungle content for their campaign.

Bullet Point Version

Next on the list at $8,000 is the Bullet Point Version of the adventure. This is one upgrade I’m really excited about. I used to do something similar with modules I owned back in the day, breaking down each room into easily scannable bullet points that I scribbled on a sheet of paper to use at the table, along with marked-up DM maps for quick reference. It’s been interesting to see a similar style being adopted in adventures like Diogo Nogueira‘s excellent Halls of the Blood King and others. 

But I also love Purple Sorcerer Games more ‘lyrical’ approach to adventure creation, with descriptive text that strives to efficiently fill a gamemaster’s head with just enough vibe to give them the gist of an encounter, accompanied by body text that is fun to read. So adding an additional Bullet Point PDF Version will give judges the best of both worlds. I’m thrilled that we have a resource like Kickstarter that makes it possible to fund such cool additions to the core product. 

New Stretch Goal

Now that we’re nearing the end of the original list of goals, we need to add some new ones! The next to join the list at $9000 is a 0-level DCC funnel to be added to A Field Guide to the Great Jungle! Benjamin is very excited about the possibility of providing judges with a natural way to get their players up to speed for Dread Specters of the Shrieking Vale. It will be about the length of The Portal Under the Stars in the DCC rulebook, making it perfect for shorter sessions and con play. (We’ll also be keeping an eye out for ways to easily convert the adventure to 5E or OSE)

Indonesian Influences 

As described in the Kickstarter description, Dread Specters of the Shrieking Vale has been influenced by the folklore of “S.E. Asia”. Benjamin chose that description quite specifically, rather than using the term “from Indonesian Folklore”, because despite having lived in Indonesia for two years, being fluent in the language, remaining in contact with many friends from that wonderful land, and making Indonesia a prime focus of his current university studies, there is happily no possible way for Benjamin to encapsulate ‘Indonesian Folklore” in any concise manner. 

Indonesia as a nation was constructed from dozens, if not hundreds of remarkable cultures and peoples, consisting of a startling array of languages, unique histories, and folklore. Ben learned so much from the people of Indonesia in the many parts of the country where he lived, be it in humble homes amidst the rice fields and jungles of Java, amidst ruins in the mountain highlands of Sumatra, or in fancy townhouses in the heart of Jakarta, a city of 36 million!

Thus Ben is not presenting his friend’s stories as some representative tome of Indonesian beliefs and legends. That would be impossible on its face… since many of the tales he heard are unique to the teller! Rather, like all good stories, the monsters inhabiting the Shrieking Vale have grown in the telling, inspired by his friends’ stories, and enhanced by Ben’s own experiences and imagination. We hope that his love for Indonesia shines through this work, and inspires readers to seek out the endless tales of that amazing place. It has for Ben: the proceeds from this campaign are directly funding his Study Abroad program to return to Indonesia this spring, another adventure for which he can hardly wait to embark!

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