Entering the Final Stretch!

I can’t believe we’ve just about reached the last 10 days of The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon Kickstarter! Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far: you are amazing.

Mark has been quite busy producing even more content for the Sullenlands Omnibus: just in the last couple days he’s sent me about 15 pages of new material, including some excellent tips for linking all the Omnibus adventure together!

We’re absolutely thrilled we’ve come as far as we have: it’s likely a tall order, but we’ll need about 60 new backers over the final days of the drive to reach all the stretch goals and unlock the hardcover version of the Omnibus. One way to help us do that is to share the drive on social media: there’s still time to do so, and be entered into a pool to win a free piece of original art from Mark, or adventure download codes. We appreciate everyone who has already done so!

Finally, here’s a teaser of Stefan Poag’s cover for The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon: since it was the first stretch goal to fall, Stefan got on it right away, and we’re thrilled with what he has produced!

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Massive May Sale at DriveThruRPG!

While the Kickstarter is underway, I almost overlooked pointing out that all our titles are on sale through the end of May at DriveThruRPG!

Fill out your DCC collection today. 🙂

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Let’s Finish Filling up the Omnibus… with Prizes!

This ‘middle part’ of a crowdfund project can seem so very quiet. 🙂

Our Crypt in Cadaver Canyon Kickstarter has 18 days to go, and we’re closing in the final ‘extra content’ goal for the Omnibus: a bunch of random tables. (After that will be some awesome battle maps from Frank Turfler… his stuff is cool).

To encourage folks to share the campaign: from now until the end of the drive, if you share a link to Kickstarter on your social media platform of choice, you’ll be entered in a pool to win a free piece of original art from Mark Bishop! Five others will win codes to an adventure of their choice from the Purple Sorcerer lineup. So tastefully share today! Or tomorrow. Or next week. You get the point. Just let me know when you do. 🙂

The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon and More Kickstarter

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The Crypt Kickstarter is Live!

Update: Thanks to everyone who has backed and/or shared the Crypt in Cadaver Canyon and More Kickstarter! We’re entering the long middle now where we’re quietly knocking off stretch goals. Some good stuff coming up. 🙂

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been almost 2 1/2 years since we released our last Purple Sorcerer Games adventure, but happily that’s about to change. We hope your players are up to saving an ancient desert city (and its cursed inhabitants) from the wrath of a devious and chaotic god, because Mark Bishop and I are pleased to announce that the newest entry in his “Nebin Pendlebrook” line of adventures: The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon is here, and it’s bringing friends!

The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon (and More!) Kickstarter is live! We know we’re in the midst of a busy crowd-funding season, so we are truly grateful to everyone who will make room for our campaign. (We also need to thank David Baity, who recently mentioned that he has pushed back his eagerly-anticipated Dark Trails Kickstarter a week to make room for a friend’s launch… and that just happens to be us!)

We’re kickstarting this campaign for a few important reasons. First and foremost we want to add fantastic new covers from two of our favorite artists: Stefan Poag and Peter Mullen! We need two cover artists because in addition to the solo version of Mark’s new adventure, we’ll be combining it with his first two adventures (Nebin Pendlebrook, and The Frost Fang Expedition) to fashion a beautiful new combined edition known as The Sullenlands Adventure Omnibus and Guide!

The campaign’s stretch goals will help us add a mountain of new content to the Omnibus, creating a flexible environment to house the Omnibus adventures (and anything else you need to throw at it!) With your backing the Omnibus will expand to include:

* Overviews of the Sullenland’s lands and major cities
* Thieves Guilds
* New monsters
* New magic items
* Lots of tables, including random encounters and events
* A dwarven cleric class
* A new dwarven god/patron
* An additional mini-adventure (The Bellows of Bromforge)
* And more!

With your help, the Omnibus will eventually be stuffed with almost 300 digest-sized pages of material. And we haven’t even mentioned the other campaign goals such as posters, beautiful battle maps from Frank Turfler, etc….

As always, we truly appreciate your support. We’ve been hard at work on the campaign materials for a good while now, and we hope you’ll join us this Saturday on Kickstarter to start the campaign with a bang!

— Jon and Mark

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Crawler’s Companion News

Hey everyone, I thought it was likely time for an update of what I’ve been working on in the Crawler’s Companion realm over the last few, err… many months. 🙂


  • For the past year I’ve been developing an HTML version of the Crawler’s Companion that users will be able to access with modern browsers on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Linux, and Chromebooks. This version will massively simplify the process of updating and enhancing the app.
  • It has involved a complete re-write of every line of code, and a rebuild from the ground up of every graphic asset.
  • The new app maintains all the functionality of the App Store versions. (Though a few existing features required some adaption).
  • I’m about 90% of the way complete: the app should be available for testing in a month or two.
  • The current app store versions aren’t going anywhere: there will be one more large update to them to bring them into compatibility with the new version’s data sharing features, so the two versions should live happily side by side for the foreseeable future. (Though the web version will be the home of new functionality).
  • I’ve been worried for years about what to do if the current Crawler dev and publishing tool were to be abandoned or downgraded: this new version protects against that possibility by using standard ol’ html5/javascript/css, insuring that the app will be around for many years to come.
  • It will also make it simple to pass on the app to other developers if I eventually reach the point where I’m not able to maintain it.
  • One of the primary reasons for the update is to make it feasible to build, maintain, and publish the MCC version of the Crawler. I currently publish 8 different versions of the Crawler… during the development of the MCC version, I realized that increasing that tally to 16 is simply not sustainable.
  • As I worked on the Crawler, I re-examined my approach on a number of other tools projects. Most should benefit from what I’ve learned creating the new Crawler, and a series of new tools and features (like the promised Monster Generator) should roll out in the coming year once I have the Crawler (and its MCC evil twin) in the bag. 🙂
  • As always, thanks to one and all who continue to support the Purple Sorcerer Free tools. Your support has made all of this possible.
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New Tools Features

I’ve added a few new occupations lists to the Zero Level Generator, and the ability to add shields to the Upper Level Generator.

As always, if you notice any unexpected side-effects when new features are added, just let me know!

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OSR Good Ol’ Gaming Sale!

All titles are 15% off at DriveThruRPG through February 19th.

Check it out!

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