Crawler 1.5 Introduction

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in version 1.5 of the Crawler’s Companion.

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The Crawler’s Companion Versions

With the new version of the Crawler going out to the stores, I thought it might be helpful to shine some light on all the versions that are available.

Store Versions: The most current version is now up on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store. These versions are built on SDK’s that generally require newer devices. (iOS 8 and Android 4.0 or better).

Android Sideload Versions: I also make the Crawler available as a download from my website in three versions. You can download the same version that is in the stores. You can also download a legacy version that has all the functionality of the new version, but is built on older SDK’s that should let it work on older devices. Finally there is an Old Legacy version that doesn’t have the latest features, but might work on the oldest of devices.πŸ™‚

Web Version: This version can be access from your browser. Unfortunately, because of Flash restrictions, it can’t access the campaign data features. Other than that it works like any other version. (Also quickly added a compact version for smaller screens)

Windows Desktop Version: I’ve quickly whipped out a couple of windows executables on a whim. They use goofy Air installers, and Windows will squawk and try to keep you from installing them because the apps are unsigned. So you’ll have to trust me. On the plus side, the desktop version is super quick, and lets you access your campaign data, something the web version can’t do. The two version are ‘normal’ size, and a smaller version for folks on tiny laptops. 

Everything is available on my site. I hope folks find the various versions useful. Time to go to bed.πŸ™‚

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The Frost Fang Expedition Proof

The first print proof of the Frost Fang Expedition is in the mail from the printers, and should likely be in my grubby mitts in a week or so. I’ve never had a print process that required less than 3 proofs… But I’ve got a good feeling about this one. If it takes two proofs the adventure should be available in about 2 weeks.πŸ™‚

Guess I’d better get onto producing some battle maps!

The 68 page, digest-sized adventure is designed for 1st level PCs, challenging players to reach the top of a frozen and treacherous peak on a mission of discovery: why have huge chunks of a mysterious sorcerer’s floating castle begun raining down on the once quiet village of Neverthawes? The quest for answers will uncover hidden motives, fearsome foes, and deadly environments galore!

Here is the adventure cover and some of the included paper miniatures:

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Crawler’s Companion Update

FYI, at long last I’ve submitted an updated version of The Crawler’s Companion to the Apple App Store. I hear rumors they are approving things much quicker of late, so hopefully it won’t be long until it’s available. (I’ll likely be updating the Android version on Google Play and the Amazon App Store Monday).

This version introduces a new encounter and party data management system, as well as a number of small additions (Mercurial Magic in the generators, some new dice colors, etc), along with some minor graphical fixes.

Because of a number of non-negotiable requirements from both Apple and Google, I was required to update the SDK that the app is built on. This shouldn’t effect most folks, but it does mean that some with older devices will not be able to use the new version. On the iOS side, iOS 8 or later is required. So if you have such a device (such as an iPad 1) don’t update. Also be sure to keep an iTunes backup of your .ipa just in case. (I don’t believe the updated version will even show up for you if your device doesn’t support iOS 8… and Apple should hang onto the older version for that reason. But I’m not sure. I seriously find it almost impossible to understand how anything Apple App Store related works from day to day…)

On the Android side, I know at the very least the original Kindle Fire won’t load the new version. I’m sure there are others. Happily, on Android, an old version of the install .apk file will always be available on my website for all who can side-load their apps.

As always, I do my best, but it’s impossible for me to guarantee (in the little spare time I have to work on the Crawler) that it will work on any particular device. I’m thrilled it’s worked well for thousands of users: fingers crossed it will continue working well for most! This process always makes me sick to my stomach with worry.πŸ˜‰

I’ll let everyone know when it’s available.

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Some Great Battle Maps for Nebin Pendlebrook

Frank Turfler has been creating some fantastic tactical maps for Nebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous Pantry. Check them out at his Patreon site: he’s doing some great work!

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Server Issues

As of 1 a.m. Pacific time, my server isn’t responding. I’ve opened a ticket with my host to see what’s up. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly!

Update: everything seems to be working again. Huzzah.πŸ˜‰

Update 2: or maybe not. Come on hosting guys…


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Free Tools Pledge Drive Rewards

The response to this years Free Tools Pledge Drive was extraordinary, and I wish there were enough special prizes to go to everyone. (Though I could hardly ask for more generosity from those who provided these incredible rewards!) 

So without further ado, here are this year’s winners:

Magical Wonders
The Hintsy Maps of Giggles DeathHammer – Terry Olsen

The Core Maps of Strohdor the Revealer – Jim Cox

Manly Michael’s Guide to All Things Haunted – Julian Bernick

Snake’s Library of Amphibian Wonders – Jeffery Tollotson

Tatterdamalian’s Tattered Tracings – Val Emerson

Gentleman Jim’s Mutant Manuscript – Dustin Manning

The DCC Care Packages of Woe #1 – Hector Cruz

The DCC Care Packages of Woe #2 – Keith Nelson

Canadian Wonders

The Raven’s Reliquary: Part 1 – Mark Kroening

The Raven’s Reliquary: Part 2 – Marzio Muscedere

Random Treasures 

Black on Black Crawl #1 – Bob Brinkman

Crawling Under a Broken Moon Complete PDF Set – Marc Bruner, Craig Stokes

Complete Crawl Print Library – Paul Gyugyi

Goodman Games Program Guide – Beckett Warren

Signed Print Copy of Crawl #2 – Patrick Ludwig, Benjamin Marra, Paul Kensler, Paul Morell, Matthew Ruzicka

CrawlJammer #2 – Eric Nolan

CrawlJammer #3 – Bruce Cunnington

Steel and Fury PDF – David Clarkson

Upcoming Death Slaves of Eternity PDF – Michael Jones

I’ll be contacting winners of physical treasures shortly to confirm addresses before shipping.πŸ™‚

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s drive: I’m sure folks are growing tired of hearing it, but I can’t begin to express my thanks for the generosity of this community!

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