Why Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG? Mysterious monsters…

One aspect of the DCCRPG I really enjoy is the concept of unique monsters. There are no ‘generic monsters’ – just simple guidelines to create unique foes. One valley’s ‘orcs’ might be completely different than those who dwell over the hills, and if there is a dragon in those hills, it isn’t ‘a’ dragon, it is THE Dragon: at least as far as the local inhabitants are concerned!

I remember my earliest gaming memories involved the thrill of encountering beasties completely unknown to me… at least until I memorized the Monster Manual. Over the past  10 years I’ve tried to return the mystery to my players by never running any monster ‘straight’ – and I’m sure many GM’s do the same. This thinking is hardwired in the DCCRPG, and I think the system is stronger for it.

DCCRPG adventures will rock in this aspect: I know I’m working hard to pack each Sunken City and M-Series adventure with unique and mysterious creatures to bedevil your players. 🙂

I don’t think it’s giving away to much to show you two new creatures found in the Sunken City Adventures: the pesky SnapDragon, and the ‘not-so-terribly-fearsome’ Opposumen!

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