You judges are a creative lot…

I’ve had some wonderful reports lately of how folks are using the Sunken City adventures, and I’m floored by the incredibly creative way that judges are enhancing them and integrating them into their campaigns. It’s always been the goal to provide enough crunchy details so the Judge has a strong framework to run with, and that seems to be working!

I’ve mentioned many times that I’m eventually going to gather these notes together into a ‘Judges Corner’ so that everyone can benefit from each other’s experiences, and each report gives me more fuel to get it done! Keep the reports coming. 🙂

On the ‘new stuff’ front, Lair of the Mist Men is still being refined. I decided to enhance things a bit after the most recent playtest, but most of my development time is currently being spent making the final refinements to the Crawler’s Companion before submitting it to the App Stores. Both are coming along.

One final note: I appreciate everyone’s support and patience as I wrestle these projects to the ground. Our recent family move proved a bit more challenging than I expected, but we’re finally getting settled it, and my aching bod is beginning to recover. I have to admit I prefer writing and drawing to schlepping boxes and driving large trucks any day!

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3 Responses to You judges are a creative lot…

  1. The last game I ran was part of my “Sunken City” series, and it got really good reviews from my players. Esp. important, it got a good review from my 13-year-old daughter. This was the 2nd episode of “The Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk”…..The PCs dealt with the river bandits and the swamp pixie, and had quite a bit of fun. I decided to give them a chance to acquire the bear, but they buried his former master with the other fez. I haven't decided how to resolve that arc yet; right now, the bear is travelling with them.

    We are getting quite a bit of use out of these modules, and I am eager for “Mist Men”! My players definitely want to know more about who these guys are!

    As another aside, last game they talked to the other prisoners of the river bandits, and I first mentioned “Nawleans” as the name of the Great City. My son immediately twigged, “Did you just say New Orleans?” Much fun stuff.

    On another tangent, I just finished reading Hiero's Journey for the first time, and it certainly reminded me of the Sunken City in some ways. Definitely reinforced my decision to make the Sunken City a future/alternate version of New Orleans!


  2. I think your far future Nawleans setting is just an awesome idea. It instantly adds all sorts of nuance to the setting, and I think Slither's End especially fits that milieu well. (And A Gathering of the Marked will as well…)

    One of the reasons that Lair of the Mist Men is delayed is all the messages I've received on how excited folks are to see what's up with those mysterious dudes. The original concept was just to whip out a simple crawl, but the Mist Men are resisting such a simple solution. 🙂


  3. Yes, the mist men are cut from Appendix N cloth….They offer such an instant contrast to the rest of the setting that players (and judges) sit up and take notice. My players went to great (unsuccessful) lengths to obtain a body for examination…..My players eagerly await the opportunity to learn more.

    BTW, based on the descriptions and artwork, I ended up describing Slither's End as a creepy cross between South Park and Deliverance……!


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