Updates, updates, updates!

I’ve begun submitting the Crawler’s Companion to the various app stores, and will post individual updates as it becomes available in each store!

The release of Lair of the Mist Men has been delayed a bit as I’m worked on adding some additional material that grew out of the initial round of playtests. Also, the lion’s share of my development time has been focused on getting the Crawler out the door, but I’ll soon return to the Lair.

The third Sunken City Adventure, A Gathering of the Marked, should arrive around Halloween, which will fit it’s haunted, creepy theme perfectly. We’ve been hard at work creating all the shambling horrors our creative backers have imagined, and I think it is going to be a worthy conclusion to the series. The hardcover omnibus of all three Sunken City adventures will follow about 3 weeks to a month after the release of Gathering.

Once the initial version of the Crawler is available, I’ll be updating the program with new functionality throughout the next few months. I’ve begun work on the initiative/hit point tracker, which is actually a fairly major addition to the program in terms of design time, but I know from using the Crawler regularly during game play, it’s something we will all enjoy!

Obviously, pushing all these threads forward at the same time is a bit of a challenge, and I apologize for any delays. Like most of us in our hobby, I do this work as a labor of love in the late hours of the night, and at times real life can throw a wrench in the works. Moving the family in the middle of everything has proved a far more taxing (and extended) challenge than expected, and I’ve had a few health issues temporarily slow down my productivity. But we’re moving forward, and I’m very excited about everything that will soon be coming out!

As always, thanks to one and all for your support. I couldn’t do this without your kind words and the excitement you express for what we’re doing.


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2 Responses to Updates, updates, updates!

  1. Scott says:

    Any word form the Android or the Iphone side Jon? I'm still enjoying the beta test ios apps which have been working great for my group. Can't wait until its an official release and the rest of my crew can get the app for their device at the table.

    Cheers! and thanks for an awesome program.


  2. Don Pierce says:


    We are looking forward to your next update and what projects you have in mind.

    Best regards,


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