Crawler’s Companion: It Begins to Trickle Forth

Version 1.0 of the app is now available in the Amazon App Store and the Google Play Store! Hopefully we’ll hear from Apple and the Nook folks soon.

At the pace things are going, the new 1.1 version might be ready before Apple says OK on version 1. 🙂

The upcoming version is packed with new goodness, including the before-mentioned batch dice roller and initiative/hit point tracker. There is also a new options screen that allows you to adjust certain settings, including the ability to increase the height of items in the scrolling lists, which is a much requested feature for folks using smaller-format devices. You will also now be able to select from a list of new dice colors!

If you have a ‘tall-thin’ format device like the Motorola Droid, you might have noticed some graphic quirks in the vertical layout of the beta and version 1.0. After much hair-pulling, this has been fixed in version 1.1.

I’ll send an email to all beta testers when version 1.1 is ready to be run through its paces for both Android and iOS.

Compatibility Forecast: On a final note, I just found at that Adobe Air is supported on upcoming Blackberry 10 devices, and Air support might be coming to Windows 8 mobile in the first half of 2013. Early days, but there’s a chance that the Crawler will be creeping into new territory in the coming year!

Here are a couple screen caps featuring the new turquoise die set and the options screen. As always, thanks to everyone for your support.

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2 Responses to Crawler’s Companion: It Begins to Trickle Forth

  1. Steve Moss says:

    Cool! Is there any way to integrate the crawler companion into forums? I'm looking for a dice roller that we could use for our DCC games on my phpbb forum.


  2. I'm hoping to add the ability for the Crawler to communicate with others also running the app… I'm guessing for it to communicate with phpbb would require a custom extension running server-side on the forum. It would certainly be worth looking into once/if we get the communication features working. 🙂


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