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Tenkar’s Tavern S&W Appreciation Day

I’ll be doing something for Erik’s Sword and Wizardry appreciation day. S&W is a fine OSR system with lots of cross-pollination possibilities with the DCCRPG. Whatever I do will involve giving away free adventures, so stay tuned. 🙂

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Getting things prepped for publication…

…and it looks like I’ll be sending links to Lair of the Mist Men tomorrow. I’m also hip-deep in creating the 3rd Sunken City Adventure: A Gathering of the Marked as well as formatting the hardcover Sunken City Ombibus. (Which … Continue reading

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And the silver medal in our App Store competition goes to…

Version 1.1 of The Crawler’s Companion is now available at the Amazon App Store as well. Download and enjoy!

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And the fastest App Store award goes to…

Google Play, where you can now download version 1.1 of the Crawler’s Companion. 🙂

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Lair of the Mist Men

Our first level mini-adventure will (at long last) be going up on RPGNow on Saturday. Prepare yourself for some strange, strange fun. 🙂

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Crawler 1.1 on its way to the approval gods…

Version 1.1 of the Crawler’s Companion with a boatload of new functionality is on it’s way to the various app stores: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and the Nook Store. Depending on the store it will likely be a … Continue reading

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Crawler’s Companion Beta 1.1.3

The beta of the Crawler’s Companion version 1.1.3 has gone out to our testers, but you can preview the web version at: This is a major update that allows you to create your own parties and adventures online that … Continue reading

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