While I’m finishing Gathering, a Call to Action

While I continue to polish up A Gathering of the Marked after the final playtests, I’m also working on the layout of the Sunken City Omnibus, which will combine all three Sunken City adventures and Lair of the Mist Men into a single hardcover, full-color book. One question still being mulled over is how much extra stuff to add to the book, and whether the extra material will go into the printed book, or just into the PDF version that will come free with the printed version.

Over the months folks have shared some wonderful 3rd party material they’ve created to enhance the adventures. If you’ve created something you’re proud of relating to one of the adventures, such as a patron write-up, monster details, local description, or variant versions, I’d love to hear about it, as I’m thinking about putting together a ‘community expansion’ of all the best stuff to release along with the Omnibus, perhaps even adding some of the material as an appendix to the Sunken City PDF.

So here’s the call to action:
1) If you’ve created something fun related to the adventures that you’re really proud of, and you want to take part in the community effort, show me what you’ve got! If enough folks participate to make creating a community expansion worthwhile, then everyone who has material included in the expansion will receive a free PDF of the Sunken City Omnibus!

2) What sort of extra material would you like to see included in the Omnibus itself beyond the adventures? And does it make a difference to you if that material is included in just the PDF, or would you prefer to see that information in the printed work as well, understanding that it would raise the cost of the book (roughly an extra buck for each 10 pages of material) and would require a small amount of additional production time?

Thanks everyone for your support and interest in the Sunken City!

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