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A couple more traveling test deals…

Updated: And thanks to those who took advantage of today’s deals! I’ve arrived in distant lands, and this is one exhausted Sorcerer. πŸ˜‰ All of the bonus adventures should have arrived. If not, let me know!

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Hey, who wants a bogo free adventure?

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Store Test sale! Things seemed to go pretty smoothly. πŸ™‚

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New Online Store

To make many other fun things possible, I needed a new storefront: so last night I implemented one. Of course, you can still purchase everything through RPGNow or D20PFSRD, but having our own store provides lots of new flexibility. (And … Continue reading

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The Question of Pre-Ordering the Sunken City

Update: Thanks to everyone who quickly answered the pre-order poll! I think I can surmise there’s excellent interest, but not enough bodies in addition to the Kickstarter backers to merit changing up how I was going to do the printing. … Continue reading

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What extra stuff should I include?

The Sunken City Adventure Omnibus and Guide is a 96 page hardcover compilation of all four Sunken City adventures, with some extras thrown in!Β In the limited space available for extras… [yop_poll id=”4″] Β  Act quickly: I’m moving forward on this … Continue reading

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Combined Sunken City Covers

And here’s how the two look together: Onward and upward! Now it’s time to finish the additional content, including a patron write up (with an assist from the awesome Iron Wolf), a concise bestiary, conversion notes for running the adventures … Continue reading

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Sunken City Front Cover…

Here’s the draft, I think we’re pretty close.

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Sunken City Omnibus Back Cover

Here’s the draft I whipped up this evening. πŸ™‚ Monday I’ll start in on the front cover… I’ve already got something pretty neat sketched out in pencil.

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First Stage of Conversion of Perils Complete

Perils of the Sunken City has been completely converted and integrated into the master document for the Sunken City Omnibus! Now all the fiddly bits begin: tweaking and polishing everything into a unified whole, completing and integrating the new content, … Continue reading

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Sunken City Omnibus

So far, the compilation/conversion process is going very smoothly for the Sunken City Omnibus, which combines all four Sunken City Adventures into a single hardcover tome. Here are the updated Perils of the Sunken City maps in color:

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