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A couple more traveling test deals…

Updated: And thanks to those who took advantage of today’s deals! I’ve arrived in distant lands, and this is one exhausted Sorcerer. 😉 All of the bonus adventures should have arrived. If not, let me know!

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Hey, who wants a bogo free adventure?

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Store Test sale! Things seemed to go pretty smoothly. 🙂

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New Online Store

To make many other fun things possible, I needed a new storefront: so last night I implemented one. Of course, you can still purchase everything through RPGNow or D20PFSRD, but having our own store provides lots of new flexibility. (And … Continue reading

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The Question of Pre-Ordering the Sunken City

Update: Thanks to everyone who quickly answered the pre-order poll! I think I can surmise there’s excellent interest, but not enough bodies in addition to the Kickstarter backers to merit changing up how I was going to do the printing. … Continue reading

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What extra stuff should I include?

The Sunken City Adventure Omnibus and Guide is a 96 page hardcover compilation of all four Sunken City adventures, with some extras thrown in! In the limited space available for extras… [yop_poll id=”4″]   Act quickly: I’m moving forward on this … Continue reading

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Combined Sunken City Covers

And here’s how the two look together: Onward and upward! Now it’s time to finish the additional content, including a patron write up (with an assist from the awesome Iron Wolf), a concise bestiary, conversion notes for running the adventures … Continue reading

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Sunken City Front Cover…

Here’s the draft, I think we’re pretty close.

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