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Friends of the Sorcerer…

A new DCC adventure from our good friends at Thick Skull Adventures is now available: check out the horrors that await in The Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shamen.

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iOS 8

If you are a daring soul running iOS 8, if you have a moment to try running the Crawler’s Companion, I’d appreciate a quick report. 🙂 I haven’t tested the Crawler’s Companion in the new OS yet as a number … Continue reading

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Crawler Data Tools should be working

I fixed some permission issues this afternoon that should allow folks to create and update their party and adventure data. If you’ve had issues, let me know if things are still not working for you.

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Crawler Database Issues

There seems to be continuing problems writing new data to the Crawler database. I apologize for my lameness in resolving these issues quickly. I hate, hate, hate have unresolved stuff like this hanging over my perfectionist developer head, but the … Continue reading

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