It’s quiet… too quiet

Excepting a 5 day span of feeling gloriously sort-of OK, I’m still mired in a 3 month stretch of depressingly un-glorious ill-health. So no real progress to speak of of late.

I will soon be posting some updates to the 0-Level party generator, hopefully by the weekend. And I’m dying to start stitching all the various bits of Against the Vortex Temple together. The whole point of this exercise is to share and interact, and a part of me is just dying while everything lies fallow.

On the hopeful front, we’ll soon be trying some new approaches in my health-care battles, and I’m praying most earnestly we’ll see a change in direction so I can get back into creative fighting trim. 🙂

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of this fall/winter festive season.

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2 Responses to It’s quiet… too quiet

  1. Jeff Crews says:

    Im so sorry you feel unwell. I wanted to thank you for the adventure the other day. Now I need to run it and let you know how people liked it!

    Also thanks for the Crawler and the APP they are awesome!


  2. Purple Sorcerer says:

    No problem Jeff, and I hope you enjoy them!


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