Sorcerer’s Grimoire

Happily I’ve made major progress on the new PDF spellbook creation utility. I’ve continued to refine my iPad workspace (which is easier on me physically) to the point that I’ve done all the Grimoire programming on it. I’m most pleased. 🙂

The individual spell page creation code is complete: involving lots of fiddling to dynamically adjust text sizes/spacing to allow each spell to be printed on a single sheet. I’ve also completed the Mercurial Magic code so that you can have it rolled automatically for each spell.

I’m now building the forms so you can choose whether to create a random spell book based on level, or select individual spells/mercurial magic for an existing caster. After that I’ll just need to complete the random generation code, and we’ll be good to go! If I can continue the pace I’m on, we’ll hopefully be up and running in a week or two.

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11 Responses to Sorcerer’s Grimoire

  1. Todd Bradley says:

    Hurray! That sounds cool. Let me know if you want any testing help from a professional software test engineer and amateur DCC judge.


  2. Mark Bishop says:

    Wow Jon… This is really nice work… I can't tell you how useful this will be for everybody… You da man!


  3. Maxwell Spann says:

    The work you contribute to this community is simply amazing. And at no cost! Thank you!


  4. Purple Sorcerer says:

    Thanks Maxwell! I love being able to contribute to the awesome DCC community. 🙂


  5. Purple Sorcerer says:

    Yes, when we did the yearly pledge drive, the Grimoire was clearly the utility folks were most looking forward to. I'm excited to get it out there.


  6. Purple Sorcerer says:

    That's very kind of you Todd! I'm guessing where folks can really help out is by looking for weirdness in the presentation of the multitude of spells when we go to open testing. I can only stand previewing spells for so long… 😉


  7. Samuelarno says:

    You have officially attained Patron status…
    Thank you!


  8. Brandonshire says:

    Any chance these sheets will include a blank for you to put your specific spell bonus on them (For example, my Elf has some extra bonuses to certain spells than others, so a blanket spell bonus doesn't really apply, not to mention that my general bonus is likely going to be different than the wizard next to me's)


  9. Doug Taylor says:

    No more cut and paste! Praise be your name Jon Marr!!


  10. Purple Sorcerer says:

    Space is at a huge premium to get the larger spells to fit, but I'll take a look.


  11. Brandonshire says:

    Or even just a place to fill it in before printing it out. Either way these'll be really helpful. If there's no space, I can always write in the spell bonus in the margin by hand later anyway!


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