Sorcerer’s Grimoire

Argh! The utilities I create always seem to require much more time fixing all the fiddly bits than in implement the major functionality in the first place. But I’m happy to announce that the Sorcerer’s Grimoire is available for testing! 

During last year’s pledge drive to help support the free Purple Sorcerer Tools, folks voted on which tools they’d like to see me work on in the coming year, and the Sorcerer’s Grimoire was the clear favorite. The Grimoire creates dynamic DCCRPG spellbook PDF’s for you to print out, adjusting text size and spacing on the fly so that every spell fits on a single page. You can choose the spells yourself, or have the tool randomly select spells based on your caster’s level and appropriate stat. You can do the same with Mercurial Magic, or have the script ignore MM altogether

Many design decisions have been made to conserve space since the number one goal of the project was to keep each individual spell on a single page. I played with lots of fancy layouts, but eventually ended up with a simple look to obey this prime directive. Physics dictates that really wordy spells require pretty small fonts, but hopefully folks will still find them readable.  🙂

If you notice any strangeness let me know: particularly spell results that run on past the available space. 

As many of you know, I’ve struggled with health issues of late, but my trusty iPad allowed me to keep working during the worst stretches. (This is the first project I’ve completed from beginning to end using my tablet and beloved bluetooth keyboard.) 

I am a bit beat pushing this out the door, so I might be a while before I update things, but Patrons are on the way, including patron-specific Invoke Patron results and spells.

As always, thanks to the amazing folks at Goodman Games who support community tools like the Grimoire.

Take care everyone.  I hope you find the Sorcerer’s Grimoire useful!

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