Three Years as a Sorcerer

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost three years since I got word that the DCC rulebook had been sent to the printers, and as a 3rd Party Publisher I could begin the long nervous wait for things to ‘go live’. I remember the sheer terror of clicking  ‘submit’ on May 22 to publish my first adventure Perils of the Sunken City at RPGNow. Would anyone buy it? Would anyone like it?

I recall feeling overwhelmed as I watched the adventure relentlessly climb the top seller chart until it rested at number one for almost a week. Obviously, being one of the only available adventures for a hot new system accounted for the sales bubble, but it still felt great. After 30 years of daydreaming about being a game writer, I was actually doing it.

So much has happened between then and now that those early days seem shrouded in mist. On reflection, I’m happy that after all this time I still love the system, but happier still is that I’ve been able to meet (and continue to meet) so many awesome folks in the community. Being able to intereact with all you is a privilege, and the reason I continue doing this stuff.

All this nostalgia has inspired me to dig into the logs, and do some analysis of sales/traffic over the years. Here are some interesting Purple Sorcerer Facts from our first three years:


  • The character generators are still churning out about 500 new characters every day, day in, day out. (I’ve pretty much lost track, but I think we’re beginning to creep close to 1,000,000 characters created.)
  • The new Sorcerer’s Grimoire has already spit out over 1400 spell books in the first three weeks of the beta. 
  • The Crawler’s Companion is currently installed on about 5000 devices.


Thanks to you, every title has achieved some type of popular metal status at RPGNow:

  • Perils of the Sunken City is now Electrum (top ~1% all time)
  • The Sunken City Omnibus, The Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk, and Nebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous Pantry are Silver (top ~6%)
  • A Gathering of the Marked and Lair of the Mist Men are both Copper (top ~10%)
  • The Sunken City Omnibus just passed Perils of the Sunken City as our most profitable title. Thanks to everyone who has picked up a copy!

I’m also happy that I’ve managed to give away over 800 adventures to spread the DCC love, many as convention prizes and as free gifts to active military personel.

Again, thanks to everyone who has supported Purple Sorcerer Games. These first three years have been a real joy, and I hope to fill our fourth year with exciting new adventures and tools!

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5 Responses to Three Years as a Sorcerer

  1. Erik Tenkar says:

    Glad to have been around for the ride 🙂


  2. Todd Bradley says:

    Congratulations on the success. Buying the Sunken City Omnibus was one of my best DCC purchases. Even though I didn't use every adventure, I ran two of them and have used a lot of the background material as well. And the Crawler's Companion is a key tool for every DCC game I've been involved in.


  3. Todd McGowan says:

    Thanks for all you do in the DCC community, it's much appreciated!


  4. Purple Sorcerer says:

    Thanks Todd!


  5. Purple Sorcerer says:

    I'm thrilled you've found things useful. Thanks!


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