Updated Character Generators

In in the closing moments of what will surely become known as The Great Kidney Stone Explosion of Mighty Tools 2015, I’m pleased to announce the release of new versions of the Zero and Upper Level Generators with some very cool new features:

Tourney Character Sheets are now integrated into the 0-Level Party Generator

Just select from a growing list of tourney styles in the style/format drop-down, and the generator will create 0-level characters in the ‘1 serf per page’ tourney style. I’ve done some minor graphic work so all the tourney sheets have been touched up with their own individual flair.

Create Multiple Characters in a single PDF

Yes, you can now create multiple characters in PDF format with a single click! For weary judges looking to assemble a stack of standard 4-character or tourney sheets, you can create up to 50 character sheets at a time. In testing, I believe these 50 page PDF’s are actually easier on the server than creating dozens of individual sheets, and a 50 page sheet is scarcely larger than a solo sheet since the background graphic (the main file-size contributor) is embedded a single time for all the sheets. Give it a whirl!

Streamlined code makes it easier to add specialty features

For example, John Carr requested an occupation list that would start each character with zero beginning funds. Previously this would have involved updating codes in lots of different places, but the recent code streamlining simplifies processes like this considerably. It’s also much easier to add new occupation/equipment lists: it’s basically as easy as dropping the new files onto the server, so expect a number of new lists in the future! 🙂

Continuing Support

As this Kidney Stone Marathon has gone on, I’ve been reminded how much I enjoy working on these tools. But it’s your support that makes them available to the community, paying for hosting and publishing costs, as well as helping to purchase new devices and tools to both test and develop the utilities.

With no formal pledge drive this year, this will be my final call until 2016: If you feel inclined to support the free tools, any and all donations will be warmly received.


I truly appreciate and thank everyone who has supported, and continues to support, Purple Sorcerer Games!


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