Recent Tool Updates

Here’s a roundup of recent small updates to the DCC Tools:

1) The cover sheet image for the Sorcerer’s Grimoire has been ‘inverted’ so you can print out a cover sheet using much less ink. (And I’m working on adding additional images.)

2) I’ve added Terry Olson’s Tatterdermalion’s Tampering super-funky dice methods found in this year’s Goodman Games GenCon Guide to the zero and upper level character generator dice-methods, and his ‘Emerikol’ rolling method to the Mercurial Magic Generator and the Sorcerer’s Grimoire. (Which makes it much less likely to roll a ‘no mercurial magic’ result.)

3) New occupation sources for the character generators include Mark Hunt’s Drongo, Zine lists for Black Powder and Black Magic and Crawling Under a Broken Moon, and Andrew Trents Food-Suin list. (Which are now described in the new occupation list description page linked from the character generator pages.)

Happy crawling everyone!


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