Purple Sorcerer Site Now Supports HTTPS

Earlier in the year Apple began “encouraging” developers to use secure connections for any outside data accessed by iOS apps. (As a result I had to use some funky workarounds to get the new Party/Encounter system in the Crawlers Companion to work without an ssl/https connection). Seeing the handwriting on the wall, I picked up a certificate for the Purple Sorcerer site this summer, but after futzing for a day trying to get it to work without success, I set it aside.

With the Christmas break, and not having the will to do anything else while I’ve dealt with a cold, I decided to shamble into the breach once more. After spending too many hours pulling my hair out, overcoming one esoteric issue after another, I finally got https:// working on the site. Now you can browse https://purplesorcerer.com or https://www.purplesorcerer.com with a cool lock icon next to the search bar! Huzzah! Just look at that icon. 🙂

The secure connection obviously doesn’t provide much benefit at this point, since I don’t gather personal information, but it will streamline mobile dev in the future, and I understand having it actually helps in search results. And who knows what the future will bring.    

So enjoy the lock folks. (And since I had to update a number of files to make sure pages weren’t mixing secure and insecure content, be sure to let me know if you encounter any strangeness while connecting with https://) On the plus side, this means I’ll be updating the Crawler to use the secure connection in the coming months, so I’ll likely look to add something fun while I’m in there. 

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