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The Purple Sorcerer Loathes AdsMailbird

Me ‘ates ’em with an abiding passion, and the thought of adding a banner of indescriminate links served from who-knows-where would be gut churning to the Sorcerer on the level of the aftermath of a 20 point spellburn!

Recently, however, the Windows email client that I use and enjoy started an affilliate program, and it occurred to me that experimenting with a simple site-specific link to an app that I enjoy might be a transparent way to help maintain our free tools. How it works is simple: if you decide that Mailbird is a good fit for your emailing needs, and you sign up for one of their affordable plans, the Sorcerer receives a percentage. I use the funds to purchase new equipment and software to both test and develop the array of free tools we provide on our site. Your support makes it happen!

If this system works well, it would eliminate the need to run pledge drives in the future. And over time, I’d likely look to add additional affiliations with other tools I personally use and enjoy. But there will never be more than the one simple image and link on any individual tools pages. Again, I hate ads, and I love supporting the DCC community: I’d never wish to do anything to make the process of accessing our tools uncomfortable or onerous.

As always, thanks to one and all for supporting Purple Sorcerer Games!

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