The Pledge Drive is Almost Complete

Since we’re reaching the final 24 hours of the 2017 Free Tools Pledge Drive, this will be my final update. This amazing community has helped raise $2900, currently just $100 shy from the goal to begin work on the Mutanteer’s Multitool, MCC’s answer to the Crawler’s Companion!

The fearsome, yet generous, mystics at Sanctum Secorum have added a final prize to the pool: 2 extremely rare print copies of their Free RPG Day companion issue. (Thanks!) The array of prizes provided by the community is pretty staggering (36 at final count!), and in addition to all the free Purple Sorcerer PDF adventure codes, I’m just amazed at the rewards pool.

Of course, from my selfish perspective, the most important thing is that this amazing community makes it possible for me to continue working on these tools. I’m not exaggerating when I say you make it possible.

(On Monday I’ll begin doing all the legwork of awarding treasures, discovering missing RPGNow email address, running polls, etc.). This community rocks, thank you!

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