New Patrons for the Sorcerer’s Grimoire

As part of the Angels, Daemons, and Being Between: Volume 2 Kickstarter, once the sourcebook is published I’ll be working to add the new patrons to the Sorcerer’s Grimoire.

In the meantime, I’m working with the boys to get the patrons from the original ADBB book added. Joshua Rodman and I did quite a bit of work prepping some of these back in 2015, but that was before the rights situation was clear, etc., so they were never added. Now that the permission issue is cleared up, I’ll be slowly adding them to the site, continuing on with the new patrons once Volume 2 is released! Dagon and Enzazza from volume 1 are the first new patrons added, and are available now. 🙂

All in all, we will eventually add almost 35 additional patrons! This will obviously take a while, depending on health, etc., but I’m excited to help make these available to the community.

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