The Crawler’s Companion Version 1.8

CrawlerThis major update to the Crawler has been approved at Apple, Google Play, and Amazon, and should appear in their app stores shortly. (Sometimes it can take a while to filter through all the nooks and crannies of the various sites).

For you side-loaders of the DCC world, the Android APK’s (and the PC and MacOS Desktop installers) can be found on the Crawler page at I provide a number of different versions there to hopefully provide compatibility for as many Android devices as possible.

This update has been in the works forever. I’ve been in a testing cycle for much too long, since I get so freaking queasy about the potential problems of rolling out a new version. But, as they say, you’ve got to let the stirge fly free at some point. A fairly significant portion of my free hours have been poured into it over the last year, so I hope the DCC community finds the new features useful. 🙂

What’s New in Crawler Version 1.8
• Dual-screen landscape mode for tablets! (Depending on how you’re holding the device at launch, it will either choose portrait or landscape mode).
• Information sharing between Crawler apps in the same campaign
• Updated campaign battle data system
• Dice multipliers and modifiers on the dice-rolling screen
• Campaign notes page
• Add names to your spell casters
• More die colors

Be sure to visit to view the Crawler 1.8 QuickStart Video to see the major new features in action.

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3 Responses to The Crawler’s Companion Version 1.8

  1. Ty Snouffer says:

    The app is so fantastic. I have some questions about it though. Both about functionality and what appear to be some bugs. Is there a discussion about the app somewhere?


    • tovokas says:

      Thanks for the kind words Ty. There isn’t a public forum for the Crawler, but you can always contact me with bug reports and suggestions at The current tools workload is pretty epic right now: which means I have an update for the Crawler that has been ready for a while, but I’ve delayed posting it since it might be impacted by other work that haven’t been announced yet. 🙂

      You can always access the newest version now by visiting the Crawler beta page. 🙂


      • Ty Snouffer says:

        Wonderful. I’ll spend some time with the betas. At first glance, I see an issue or two I had in mind addressed. If I find anything else worth reporting, I’ll drop an email your way. Thanks for the wonderful contribution to the DCC community!


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