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Christmas in July Sale!

All Purple Sorcerer Games adventures are 25% at DriveThruRPG. 🙂 Complete your collection today!

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2019 Free Tools Pledge Drive Prize Winners!

As usual, I’ve been floored by the support of the DCC community for the free tools! I’ve just spent the last three hours sending out download codes for free adventures. If you haven’t received yours (and they’re not in your … Continue reading

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Thank You, One and All!

Everyone, Thank you. You astonish me with your generosity. Before the Free Tools Pledge Drive started, I thought we’d see a large drop-off from last year without the benefit of the central Google+ hub, but so many of you shared … Continue reading

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Final Day of the Free Tools Pledge Drive!

OK friends, we’re down to the last day of the Free Tools Pledge Drive! We’ve had fantastic support from the community, and we’re looking in this last day to ‘fill in the gaps’ and provide some flexibility in the purchase … Continue reading

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Goodman Games Rocks

Yes, it’s a bit embarrassing, but Goodman Games recently interviewed me about the development of the tools. It really is incredibly how supportive they are of what I do, sharing info across the interwebs to push the drive. I just … Continue reading

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Generator Updates

Made a few updates to the zero and upper level generators this evening: Someone on Reddit pointed out a bug with the number of non-human languages at zero level. That bug’s been squashed, and I added the option for dwarves, … Continue reading

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First Hardware Purchase

Made the first hardware purchase: an iPhone XR. Gut churning indeed to hit the ‘purchase’ button at Apple prices, but oh well. It was surreal to order the thing, and then have a courier deliver it to my door in … Continue reading

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