Level 2 Has Been Conquered!

Thanks everyone, your support of the Free Tools Pledge Drive continues to amaze me.

We’re now delving down into Level 3, which is focused on helping raise funds for my long talked about trip to GenCon 2020 with my son. Yes, it will give me an opportunity to talk about the tools with many of you, and learn more about how you use them, and how you think they can be improved. But mainly, it’s a chance to finally meet friends I’ve known for up to seven years, and yet never looked in the eye. To share a cold drink with (in my case root beer, if they’ve got it!), and talk about this hobby we love. This community has enriched my life in so many ways, and it seems strange I’ve never had a chance to shake even one of your hands. I’m thrilled that that might change.

And I’ll be doing it all with my boy just before he leaves the nest for good. No, I’m not misting up, it’s just dusty in here…

If we conquer Level 3, I’ve got some great things we can do on Level 4…

Thank you: you do make it all possible.

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