Thank You, One and All!


Thank you. You astonish me with your generosity. Before the Free Tools Pledge Drive started, I thought we’d see a large drop-off from last year without the benefit of the central Google+ hub, but so many of you shared the drive and spread the word that in the end we got within spitting distance of last year’s record haul: 123 backers raised over $4200, making this the 2nd most successful drive yet!

This means that EVERYTHING in terms of server fees and other tools expenses have been paid for for the year, I have a lovely new iPhone to test on that should last for years, I’ll be purchasing a new iPad shortly to aid in both testing and development, I have funds to pick up some nice extras, and put in the ‘rainy day emergency fund’… and my boy and I will be coming to GenCon in 2020!

What a thrill: to know that you find value in the tools, and are willing to put your passion for them into action! And that I’ll be able to finally meet many of you in person. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to those who provided fantastic prizes. Thank you to those who gave so generously. Thank you to those who lacked resources, but still shared the word. You all rock!


(If you missed the drive, you can still join in the fun until tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon: I’ll start tabulating and cross-referencing all the info from the drive early Monday, and follow up emails and codes should start going out Monday and/or Tuesday).

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