Free Tools Pledge Drive Winners!

What an amazing pledge drive! We broke both the record for total amount pledged ($5130!), and total participants (150!). Thank you one and all for your incredible generosity.

As is true of every year, despite the amazing array of prizes provided by the community, there can only be so many winners of the special treasures. But If you’re not on the list, I hope you enjoy your adventure code(s), and know that you play an integral part in bringing the tools to everyone in the community. Thank you!

Without further ado, here are the winners of this year’s prizes! (Random prizes determined by rolls in the Crawler’s Companion!)

Harley Stroh’s Maps and Manuscript: Hector Cruz
Online Session with Terry Olson: Jeff Scifert
Keith Nelson’s Table Flags: Matt Couch
$50 Etsy Credit to Bruce Cunnington’s Store: Mark Plourde (So sorry Mark for leaving you out on the initial post!)
Dark Trails book and Swag Bag from David Baity: Timothy Spahn
Alternate Cover DCC Rulebook from Joseph Goodman: Chris Lauricella
Children of the Fallen Sun Book from Stephen Newton: Matthew Rayburn
Mutant Hobo Bundle from Jim Wampler: David LaMacchia
Star Crawl Books from Jonathan Snodgrass: Benjamin Longman
All the Zines from Jon Wilson: William Nielsen
Special Treasure Purple Tickets: Richard Paldino, Julian Bernick, Ben Walker, and Robby Anderson

Also, as a reward for longtime generous support, I worked out two special prizes from my own notes/papers of adventures past. These went to Keith Nelson and Jim Kitchen

The ‘Euro Prize’: from Jürgen Mayer (an incredible DCC Annual Vol. 1 Limited Foil Cover Edition): Kalin Kadiev

Shadow of the Beakman provided by Joseph Goodman: Terry Olson, Matt Towle, Chris Tomason, James Chodes, John McCloy

Dark Trails Dice Bag provided by Jon Wilson: Ross Miesem

One lucky winner who donated $40 or more was to win a Purple Ticket. I’ve expanded that to five! The winners are: Dylan Lewis, Joan Troyer, Jonathan Snodgrass, James Schubert, and Matthew Robertson

The ‘below $40’ Purple Ticket winner: Eric Betts

Originally three backers who pledged less than $40 could win the full lineup of Purple Sorcerer adventures. I’ve expanded that to ten! The winners are: Mirko Froehlich, Brian Dees, Jonathan Perkel, Geoffrey Knox, Denis Bokenkroger, Edward Karbala, Andrew Brogan, Hugo Hernandez Navarro, Francesc Castellanos San Roman, and Donn Stroud

Battlemap PDFs from Frank Turfler:
Nebin Pendlebrook: Russel Smith, Michael Bolam, David York
Frost Fang: Ralf Wagner, Anthony Mason, Kevin Heuer
Crypt in Cadaver Canyon: Stephen Murrish (+ special final crypt encounter), Timothy White, Stefan Surat

Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion PDFs provided by Donn Stroud: Sean Rawley, Luke Martinez, Ian Wilcox, Patrick Bramble, Christopher Kearney, Kathleen Lambert, Clayton Williams, Ngo Vinh-Hoi

Whew! Congrats to all the winners, and tremendous thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s drive. You truly make my life easier, and in a very real way make the tools possible. 2020-21 is going to be an incredible year for the free tools!

If you’ve won a physical prize, I’ll be confirming your address (likely tomorrow). Adventure codes will start going out shortly. (There are still a number of you I need to check on which adventure you prefer). Those who donated $40 or more will also be going up on the Purple Sorcerer Patrons Page.

Thank you!

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