2021 Pledge Drive Winners!

This has been such an amazing pledge drive. We shattered the record for most funds raised, and most supporters participating! (169)

I can’t thank everyone enough: as always I wish that everyone could win a cool prize, but I hope you understand that your generosity keeps the free tools going… and this coming year is going to be better than ever!

OK: On to the prizes…

Special Treasures
Dying Earth Kickstarter Credit: (from Goodman Games) Jeff Scifert
Lankhmar Box Sets: (from Goodman Games) Jesse Withrow, Matt Couch
Greatest Thieves Box Set: (from Goodman Games) Keith Nelson, Bruce Cunnington
Brad McDevitt Weird Frontiers Art and Swag: (from Keith Nelson) James Chodes
Brad McDevitt Isle of Dread Art: (from Keith Nelson) Jim Kitchen
Conspiracy of Ravens Foil: (from Matt Robertson/STP Games) Marc Plourde
Greatest Thieves Print Proofs: (from Harley Stroh) Richard Paladino
Chained Coffin Hardcover: (from Richard Paladino) Trevor Bramble
3D printed Miniatures: (from Bruce Cunnington) Becket Warren (Weird Realms)
Star Crawl Destination Starter Pack: (From Jonathan Snodgrass) Benjamin Longman
Forgotten Rites of the Mouldering Dead and The Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion Books: (from Donn Stroud) Ian Wilcox
Scientific Barbarian Set: (from Jim Wampler/Mudpuppy Games) Ross Miesem
Purple Tickets: Matthew Thompson, David LaMacccia

Random Prizes
Purple Tickets: Matthias Esch, David York
All Purple Sorcerer Adventures: Sandor Silverman, Robert Nemeth, Florian Hoheneder, Brian McKay, Rick Hull
Weird Frontiers Webster Maps: (from Maphatter) Timothy Sattley, Sean Finnegan, Harley Stroh, Michael Tapia, Peter Martino
50 Fantastic Functions + Dice: (from Kevin Olmstead): Glenn Bokay
A Conspiracy of Ravens: (from Matt Robertson/STP Games) William Walters, Gerald Pipkins
Merchants of the Multiverse: (from Stefan Surratt) Brendan LaSalle, Charles Griffith, Craig Gates, Inner Ham, Jim Lewis
Last Will and Testament of Obadiah Felkner: (from Stephen Newton/Thick Skull Adventures) John Cornyn, Silver Bulette
Weird Frontiers PDFs: (from David Baity) Chase Reinhart, Stefan Surratt
Weird Frontiers Dice: (from David Baity) Timothy White, Eric J Young

Again, thanks to one and all! Your support continues to amaze me.

The adventure codes will be going out shortly. If you don’t see them in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder. If they haven’t shown up in a day or two, please let me know.

I’ll be contacting the various winners of physical products to confirm addresses, as well as those providing prizes over the coming days. 🙂

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