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Halloween Sale at RPNow!

In the mood for a little horror? Both Escape from the Shrouded Fen and The Carnival of the Damned are 31% off through Halloween. Check it out! Advertisements

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A New DCC Kickstarter

One of the things that sets DCC apart is all the campaign goodness that Patron interaction can bring. Creating patrons involves an often intimidating amount of work however, so the more options we have as judges and players, the better. … Continue reading

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September Settings Sale at RPGNow!

Well this one snuck up on us: RPGNow is running a massive 33% off September Settings Sale, and all Purple Sorcerer titles are included! (Along with fantastic stuff from many other DCC publishers). So it would seem to be a … Continue reading

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Late Summer Update

Sorry for how quiet things have been on the tools and adventure front: the last few months has been very challenging health-wise for the Sorcerer, and I’ve been in treading-water mode attempting to simply keep up with work-work. Hopefully, I’ll … Continue reading

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Christmas in July Sale at RPGNow

All out titles (along with many more from other DCC and OSR publishers) are 25% off! It’s a great opportunity to fill out your library. 🙂 Have fun!

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Purple Sorcerer Patrons

Over the years I’ve spoken of creating some type of ‘wall of honor on my site’ to thank those who have gone above and beyond in supporting the free tools. I’ve finally created a simple page to do just that. … Continue reading

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The 2017 Free Tools Pledge Drive Has Been A Smashing Success!

We raised almost $3900! The funds have purchased two new mobile testing devices, will cover many basic costs to run the servers the tools run on, and most critically, will allow me to replace the aging MacBook required to work … Continue reading

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