Christmas and New Year’s Sale

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s from Purple Sorcerer Games!

All titles are 30% through January 1st!

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Black Friday Sale!

All titles are 33% off at DriveThruRPG!

This is a great time to fill our your collection of Purple Sorcerer Adventures.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

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Halloween Sale at DriveThruRPG!

Both The Carnival of the Damned and Escape from the Shrouded Fen are 31% off through Halloween!

Both are guaranteed to chill your characters to the bone… or at least send some of them to an early grave. 🙂

Shop Now.

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Christmas in July Sale at RPGNow!

Through the end of the month, get 25% off all our titles at RPGNow!

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I’m an Apron Salesman!

This is sort of hilarious. I’ve sold Purple Sorcerer and old-school gaming themed t-shirts for a while now through SpreadShirt, and while I appreciate the extremely loyal friends who have purchased stuff over the years, the sales are fairly sporadic. As a result, I haven’t paid much attention to the store. Lo and behold, I checked into the shop today, and discovered I now sell hats! And cell-phone cases! And APRONS! All at prices I likely can’t afford. 😉

It seems a bit of a jumble which designs can be used on which bit of kit, but if you’ve been pining for a ‘C is for Catoblepas’ cell phone case, or a ‘Just a Pointy Stick and a Dream!’ hat (and you’ve got cash burning a hole in your pocket) I’ve got you covered!

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It’s time to announce the rewards and prizes for this year’s Free Tools Pledge Drive!

We set records in both the number of supporters and in the generosity of their gifts, and when you add that to the incredibly pool of prizes provided by other members of the community, I’m not sure I can say thanks enough. I’ve already picked up extremely helpful hardware and other tools with this year’s funds that I think will make the coming year among the best yet in terms of tool building!

I wish everyone could win a special prize. But no one walks away empty handed! I’ve already distributed over 450 codes for our PDF adventures. And the amazing Dak Ultimak, in addition to providing a number of print or PDF bundles of Crawl! Zines as random prizes, has offered to share a Crawl #1 PDF to everyone who otherwise didn’t win a random prize. You’re the best Dak!

If you are a physical prize winner, I’ll be contacting you to confirm your address. If you’ve won a PDF, let me know if the code hasn’t arrived in your inbox in the next day or two. Ok, let’s get to it!


– Gamma World Minis provided by Jim Wampler: Charles Couch
– Cthulhu Notebook provided my Ken Campbell: Hector Cruz
– Signed MCC Rulebook provided my Jim Wampler: Keith Nelson
– Funky Dice Holder provided by Ken Campbell and David Baity: Terry Olson
– MCC Rulebook provided by Joseph Goodman: John Lehman
– DCC Rulebook provided by Joseph Goodman: Jason Knepper
– Adventure Design Docs provided by Terry Olson: John Dow
– Hand Drawn Maps provided by Harley Stroh: Kevin Swartz
– UK Games Expo t-shirt provided by Bruce Cunnington: Becket Warren from Weird Realms
– Purple Tickets: Stephane Gelgroot, Bruce Cunnington, Jeff Scifert, Mark Plourde, Julian Bernick, and Tom S.

– Purple Ticket Winners: Thomas Fritchman and Isaac Eccles
– Complete Lineup of PSG Adventures: Kathleen Lambert, Turrand Holland, Robert Namath, Paul Waters, Terge Meling
– MCC Rulebook provided by Joseph Goodman: Erik Koh
– DCC Rulebook provided by Joseph Goodman: Ron Kirkley
– All 12 Crawl! Issues, print provided by Dak Ultimak: Patrick Ludwig and Stephen Murrish
– All 12 Crawl! Issues, PDF provided by Dak Ultimak: Andy Miesem, Brad B., James Lewis, James Skach, and Lamar Holzclaw
– Jurgen’s Euro Prize #1: Goodman Games Quickstart Rules: Julian Hayley
– Jurgen’s Euro Prize #2: GG #13, The 13th Skull: Thorsten Dellbrugge
– Children of the Fallen Sun Print provided by Stephen Newton: Kevin Heuer
– Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman Print provided by Stephen Newton: Troy Warrington
– Attack of the Frawgs Print provided by Stephen Newton: Dan Swensen
– Sanctum Secorum 2017 & 2018 Free RPG Day Companions: Timothy White
– The Phlogiston Books Volume II provided by Jose Sanchez: Wayne Snyder, Christopher Ellis, Bill Meyer, Andy Goldman, Timothy Baker
– Meanderings Zine 1-3 provided by R.S. Tilton: William Henderson
– Battle Maps provided by Frank Turfler: Jedamzik und Neugebauer GbR
– Races of Porphyra PDF provided by Mark Gedak: Lawrence Hamilton
– CE9-Both Foul and Fair PDF provided by Mark Gedak: Ethan Hammersmith
– Ft1-Creeping Beauties of the Wood PDF provided by Mark Gedak: Karim Gouyette
– Death Slaves of Eternity PDF provided by Marzio Muscedere: Andy Action
– Steel and Fury PDF provided by Marzio Muscedere: Andrew Johnson

Again, thanks to everyone… to those who give year after year, and those who have just jumped on board. You make the free tools possible!


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Pledge Drive Complete: This Community Rocks!

The generosity of the Dungeon & Mutant Crawl Classics community is just amazing. The 2018 Free Tools Pledge Drive is complete, and we’ve raised over $4500! Good grief that is incredible. This makes so many things possible that I just couldn’t do on my own.


There are usually a few late donations that come in over the night depending on time zones, etc. So I’ll officially start tabulating things tomorrow. I’ll do the bulk of the work of sending out emails to the top donors, and determining random prizes on Monday, so I should be able to start announcing prizes Monday evening or Tuesday!

Read more about what the funds are making possible of the Pledge Drive page.

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